Allison Lim

Materials Chemist


Improving Material Properties of Plastic Scintillators

Commercial and synthesized cross-linkers as well as novel synthesized dopants mitigate undesirable plasticizing effects in PSD capable plastic scintillators.

Polysiloxane Scintillators Capable of Pulse Shape Discrimination

Polysiloxane scintillators with low dopant loadings (<5 wt%) perform similar to or better than commercial thermoplastic scintillators.

Photopolymerized Plastic Scintillators Capable of Pulse Shape Discrimination

Plastic scintillators can be fabricated via photopolymerization without sacrificing radiation detection capabilities.

Manipulating the Workfunciton of MXenes via Surface Functionalization

Functionalizing the surface of 2D MXenes allows for workfunction modification and enhanced solubility.

Bismuth Dopants for Gamma Ray Spectroscopy in Plastic Scintillators

Organobismuth dopants were synthesized for gamma ray spectroscopy in plastic scintillators.